Job ShadowingMobility of Youth Workers

Job Shadowing: Eliud (Eli the Elite)

In the frame­work of this project, one pro­fes­sion­al from the Amer­i­can organ­i­sa­tion Kids Break­ing League (KBL) Foun­da­tion went to Italy for an obser­va­tion peri­od of 12 days with the main aim of learn­ing and know­ing in situ the work­ing method­ol­o­gy, activ­i­ties and best prac­tices of Espres­sione Hip Hop, as well as pro­vid­ing and con­tribut­ing with his ideas and suggestions. 

‑Work­ing process of Espres­sione Hip Hop;
‑Meet­ings with pub­lic insti­tu­tions, local organ­i­sa­tions and urban artists;
‑Break­ing work­shops with local population;
‑Knowl­edge about hip hop and the sit­u­a­tion of migrants in Italy.

‑To have patience with lan­guage barriers;
‑Learn­ing new ways to imple­ment work­shops and more knowl­edge on teach­ing techniques;
‑More capac­i­ty to han­dle sit­u­a­tions that are sensitive.


It has been insane­ly use­ful. Social­ly and artis­ti­cal­ly it allowed for me to be hum­bled and also to share my hip hop views in Alba